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Castlecairn Red Arrow RNA1000080
sire: Glenside Forsyth FPG99099
g. sire: Culter Allers Exocet MBC98032
dam: Castlecairn RNA05016
sire of dam: Baltier Kracker FEB04045

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Purchased jointly with the Booth family, Wigglesworth flock, at Carlisle for 4,000gns. He placed 3rd in the 2011 'Sire of the Year' competition awarded by the British Texel Sheep Society. We have seen no lamb with colours like him - soft brilliant white hair with jet black tear drops and open flared nose. He has a great body with a large behind; he walks well but when not in motion he always stands square! As well as this, his pedigree is exceptional - his dam, sired by the 34,000gns Baltier Kracker, bred Castlecairn Nile God who sold for 28,000gns in 2007 as well as Castlecairn Nairobi King who sold for 13,000gns topping the Carlisle sale the same year. In 2009, Nile God kicked ass up and down the country - he was Supreme Champion at both the Great Yorkshire Show and the Royal Welsh Show.

Semen available: £40 per dose.
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Hull House Space Cowboy (MJH11 01543)

1st Prize Ram Lamb and Reserve Male Champion at The Royal Welsh Show 2011 and sold at Lanark to Mr John Forsyth, Glenside, for 32,000gns.

Hull House Space Cowboy was 1st prized ram lamb at the Royal Welsh Show in a class of 86. He was then placed as reserve champion male. He is out of the best bloodline in the flock: sired by Castlecairn Red Arrow out of a Matchmaker/Mollie daughter.

"Mollie" is a Grougfoot ewe purchased in 2004 for 11,000gns; she consistently breeds the best females in our flock and is dam of
Hull House Tallulah (1st prize ewe lamb 2010, 1st prize gimmer shearling and reserve female champion 2011 at the Great Yorkshire Show; only times shown). She is also dam to Hull House Ninety Nine who we used as a stock ram in 2007. Ninety Nine females are now some of the strongest ewes in our flock and all have great character.

Castleknowe Matchmaker was purchased in 2006 for 30,000gns; he is the most widely used sire of his generation. He has sired rams to 9,000gns and females to 13,000gns.

The first 13 Castlecairn Red Arrow sons sold averaged 4,310gns
All 13 sold at National Sales, top prices include:
32,000gns - Hull House Space Cowboy sold at Lanark to Mr John Forsyth, Glenside
6,000gns - Hull House Socrates sold at Lanark to Mr Cullen, Craighead and Mr Barr, Parkhouse
2,800 - Hull House Supertramp sold at Lanark to Messrs Frame, Thinacres
2,000 - Hull House Samson sold at Worcester to Mr Dufosee, Deverill
1,600 - Hull House Schnapps sold at Lanark to Messrs Simpson and Calvin, Ballyhivistock
1,300 - Hull House Sgt. Pepper sold at Welshpool to Mr Owen
1,200 - Hull House Shere Kahn sold at Worcester to Mr Bruce, Chapelcott
1,150 - Hull House Sundance sold at Welshpool to Mr Thomas
1,050 - Hull House Saxon sold at Welshpool to Mr Williams

Record price Texel female sold for 32,000gns in-lamb to Hull House Space Cowboy. The Glenside female, FPG1000158, sold at the Christmas Crackers sale, Carlisle.
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Hull House Schnapps

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Hull House Schnapps

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MJH12 02713 sired by Red Arrow
Sold at the Scottish National Sale Lanark 2013 for 5,800gns
to Mr A. Beaton, Wester Crosshill

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MJH12 02763 sired by Red Arrow
Female Champion at the Welsh National Sale 2013
sold for 1,400gns to Mr Graham, Hallrigg