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Springhill Norris FTS07014
sire: Springhill Mr Muscle FTS06033 g. sire: Irish Hill Kit Katt KIW04026
dam: Springhill FTS04102 sire of dam: Dunore Jedi MSE03026

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Purchased jointly with Mr Alec Steff, Micklehurst Flock, Norris is a true bodybuilder. He has a huge rear end with great conformation. It is rare to find a sheep with his body along with a head with such character and silky white hair.

Norris has bred very well within our flock, producing some excellent females. His progeny were successful in the show ring in 2010, being placed first at the Great Yorkshire Show and 3rd at the Royal Welsh Show. As well as this the Hull House flock were awarded the best pen of ewe lambs in the 2010 NATBC flock competition. The 10 ewe lambs entered were all sired by Norris.

Springhill Norris has sired ewe lambs which have sold privately for £1,000.

Semen available: £40 per dose.
Hull House Tallulah
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Hull House Tallulah MJH10 00230
1st Prize Gimmer Shearling and Reserve Female at The Great Yorkshire Show 2011

Hull House Tallulah (pictured above right as a lamb and left as a shearling) was 1st prize ewe lamb at the Yorkshire Show in 2010; 1st prized gimmer shearling and reserve female champion at the Yorkshire Show in 2011; these are the only 2 appearances she has made in a show ring. She has a tremendous pedigree, sired by Springhill Norris; her dam, Grougfoot Mollie, was purchased in 2003 for 11,000gns. This ewe consistently produces our best females. She is also dam of Hull House Ninety Nine, a ram lamb we used at Hull House as a stock ram in 2007. His females are now some of the strongest ewes in our flock, all have great character and are breeding well.